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I make lots of Flash animations and sometimes web comics and SOMEsometimes games. Enjoy!

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Over halfway into the infamous current year of 2020, with the world in various stages of pandemic response (or lack thereof) among other notable disruptions, it's highly apparent that we're all in a multi-year period of change like no other. The "normal" to which things will someday return will be unrecognisable as normal to most of us right now. And that's okay.

Clearly, it's time to unshackle ourselves from deadweights of the past - loyalty to sunk costs and bad bets; duty to maintain borfins that shlump; fealty to everyday things that misuse nostalgia as a weapon to confine us to ways of life that are becoming infeasible, if not for all of us, then for more and more of us every day. It is time to individually and collectively launch ourselves toward a future built on solid yet flexible foundations, much like the shock-absorbing foundations beneath buildings that were recently rebuilt after major earthquakes in the city where I currently live proved the old designs to be infeasible.

What defines our future is what we choose to bring along with us.

Therefore, we must now decide what things we leave behind, lest they decide for us, possibly leaving us behind.

And so, as I advance in my journeys in animation and in game development, I need to make a call on an older project that I haven't touched since 2016, a sequel to Lamarr Is Going Home. I will not be building more in addition to the experimental first level that I made for this game, at least for the foreseeable future. Its place remains in the past.

But does that mean it's lost to history? A waste of effort that will never see the light of day, like Half-Life 3? Not at all! It means that you now get to play what was made before I hit the limits of the free version of Construct 2! (For more of the story behind Lamarr Is Going Home 2's production, see the lengthy postamble below the game itself.) So load it up and give this tiny morsel of game the send-off it deserves before you head out to the future with me.

Lamarr Is Going Home 2 (Demo)

So, that's a piece of my past from which I'm easily disengaging - what future am I launching myself into now? One that still includes Newgrounds, I would hope! Stay tuned for what comes next from TmsT, and may the rest of your 2020 be... - let's be real, here - survivable! :))



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