Entry #17

R.I.P. Stephen "Rocket Man" Hawking

2018-03-14 00:56:35 by TmsT

Stephen Hawking: A Musical Tribute was originally released in March 2004. Nearly 14 years later, he has left the Earth. Let us remember Hawking for his achievements, insights, and contributions to cosmosology as well as other sciences, and let us also remember the Flash animations we made about him, of which there are so many that they got their own category on Newgrounds.


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2018-03-14 01:29:36

Saw it here first...ouch. Man I love your old Hawking videos. Really sad to hear he's gone.
I don't follow enough news to expect I'd have noticed otherwise.


2018-03-14 10:07:04

Bummed to see him go, why can't more stupid people die?


2018-03-14 17:07:32

so the government finale did him in rip


2018-03-14 17:50:26

the badass In the wheelchair