Thanks guys / Lamarr in print

2009-06-29 20:04:21 by TmsT

First up, thanks to everyone who sent in the voice-acting auditions! While only one could be chosen for the role, the rest of you will be kept on file. :) Check your e-mail to find out if you were elected President for my next animation.

Secondly, my simple Flash game "Lamarr is Going Home" was unexpectedly but positively reviewed in the latest issue of "Retro Gamer" magazine! The image of the article (below) was sent to me by a guy in Scotland, but Wikipedia tells me that this UK-based magazine is published worldwide. I can only hope that LiGH somehow finds its way into the offices of Valve, so that I can give some amusement in return to the people who rekindled my love of gaming with Half-Life 2. Well, actually Portal was the "gateway game" that got me onto HL2. Previously, I didn't even give HL2 a second glance because I don't like first person shooters much. And I still don't (but I've tried!), but HL2 - along with its follow-up episodes - is the exception.

Thanks guys / Lamarr in print


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2009-07-04 00:27:49

Wow! That really is cool!!

You should go and find the issue so you can have a physical copy!


2009-07-08 20:47:10

die hauser


2009-08-23 10:34:24

keep making strifetoons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-09-01 19:12:48

Holy crap, that's awesome. Good for you, TmsT! :)


2009-12-22 00:03:06

You should make an adventure game next!


2010-02-17 09:06:48

your tf2 cartoon was awesome :D


2010-02-18 11:47:44

I love TF2


2010-04-04 01:04:53

Well, that leaves us on the same boat, I never really cared for HL2 at first, but it was with Portal, so I tried it, and well, the rest it history.


2010-04-12 07:41:56

ha never thought i'd find someone here whose also from auckland!

pretty sweet advertising you managed to get there!


2010-04-12 22:38:59

Hi there