NG Medal Hax!!!!!

2010-04-17 19:47:42 by TmsT

Dear Game Developers,

Making games that save your progress through cookies or other cached info is a great idea and I'm all for it. However, when making games like this that also have "medals" on Newgrounds, be sure to make your game take note of which medals have already been achieved. For example, I just played a game where, upon finishing the game, a medal is awarded and the option to continue playing (presumably to rack up more points) is given. This would, in theory, allowed one to log in with a different Newgrounds account and continue from the other person's progress - which is the end of the game. All they have to do is perform the final action of reaching the goal and they will also get the completion medal on their account. Not only is this possible in theory, but also in practise.

- TmsT (Too Much Spare Time)'s good conscience


Dear gamers who like medals,
Want more medals, but don't wanna play the games in order to earn them? Feel free to PM me your username and password so that I can log in with your account and get you that medal.

You can trust me. I'm honest. See how I pointed out the "hax" in this medal system? Only a trustworthy person would publicly announce this flaw. An untrustworthy person would exploit it secretly. So therefore, I must be trustworthy.

>:D Muah hah hah hah haaaaah...

- TmsT ('Trust Me' Sez Troll)'s bad conscience

NG Medal Hax!!!!!


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2010-04-18 09:20:38

Hehe i has some lags with all games. When i run them first time, it's lag a lot and if i wait, it's gives me some medals :D. I got 50 points medal from Time Fcuk!


2010-04-21 15:07:54

You bitch! LOL! Just kidding, man. What you're doing is veeeeery eeeevil!


2010-04-24 14:47:24

Lol at the picture - my first fffuuu parody )))


2010-04-30 16:00:50

Why would anyone ever have to PM their username to someone?


2010-05-11 17:48:46

haha, lol hacks are fun


2010-05-14 18:38:36



2010-05-26 02:22:48

User: ghost142
Pass: ye1991

Thanks man.