TOFA 2010

2010-05-28 03:17:21 by TmsT

The annual Adobe(TM) Tournament Of Flash Artists is ON!

If you like to animate competitively in Flash, get your ass over to our friends at and sign up in the TOFA thread in the "Flash Developers" section of the forum before the end of May.
You can check out the prizes and schedule in closer detail on, but here's a quick tl;dr of it:

Prizes: $670 + Flash CS4 Pro + Photoshop CS4

Each round gives you 18 days for animating and then 3 days of resting while judging happens before you find out if you're in the next round or not.

- Open Round: Everybody vs everybody. Only the top 18 animators will progress.
- Round 1: The 18 survivors are divided into 6 groups of 3. There can be only one champion in each group.
- Round 2: The 6 survivors battle in 2 groups of 3. Only 2 champions survive.
- Final Round: Animator vs Animator!
- After Party

This is quite a big committment, and although each year sees many TOFA competitors bailing out, it is still frowned upon, so don't go signing up if you don't have the spine for this kind of gruelling animational ordeal! But hey, I managed to do okay in TOFA 2008 while also working part time for an animation studio, getting stomach flu, moving house, and being literally (not figuratively) homeless for 3 days (during which time I finished Still Life Eternal - thanks for the Daily Feature for that yesterday, Newgrounds! <3).

But even if you're not entering, it's still a very friendly, fun event, what with spectators, bailers, and the defeated entrants cheering and laughing and making disturbing fanart on the sidelines every year. So go and check it out. This year it's going to be more epic than ever before. I almost wish I was competing again this time!

TOFA 2010


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2010-05-28 11:52:17

I hope to see a lot of great toons this year! :)


2010-05-30 03:05:35

R.Wappin and Andrew Kepple in the same (e)room as each other?
Could life be sweeter?

No. No it could not.

If I remember you won Bioshock last time with you cou'de'grace about the smoker.
I was a bit dissapointed when it was just a copy of the game, and not the rights. You woulda made it way better than it was. The sequel, anyway...

What do you plan to do for the introductory cartoon?


TmsT responds:

Th-There's an introductory cartoon?!?
Oh, I'm not competing this time.
Bioshock was pretty cool, Bioshock 2 was way cooler except RUINED by sloppy software. But if I hadn't won TOFA, I probably would never've played either game!


2010-05-30 15:33:01

Good luck to you as well as all the other competitors! I'd enter if I weren't swamped with my own work at the moment.


2010-07-03 10:35:51

Neither of you entered...None of the good'uns did.

Just Mr.Fizzy *Shivers*


Still enjoy your work. And all your alt's work. And all your alt's alt's...
Damn you got more names than P'diddy ;-)


2010-11-26 11:44:10

Wah! Wah! I want my south park!


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