GARFIELD COLLAB #2 - Now open for submissions!

2012-08-07 01:04:31 by TmsT

Due to the "success" of The best GARFIELD FALSH ANIMASHUN COLLAB Ever!, there is some strong support for a second volume of Garfield falsh animashunz. In fact, we've had one sent in already! :)
So we just kicked off another collab with the exact same theme and everything. It's up to YOU to make it different from the previous one. Oh and the deadline is only TWO MONTHS FROM NOW - October 6, 2012 - so right now would be a great time to get started on it!

Please join the event on the new Facebook page (click here) - This is NOT compulsory, but recommended so you can get updates, discuss ideas, and have your questions answered.

Tech deets:
Size: 550x400
Framerate: 24fps
Format: Flash 8 or earlier
Send your finished FLA file(s) to
Also please send all the audio files you've used.

GARFIELD COLLAB #2 - Now open for submissions!


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2012-08-07 02:22:10

That collab was really good! I'll think about making an animation.


2012-08-07 09:42:46

You've been one of my animator idols since the days of French Erotic Film. If I can teach myself how to animate in the next while, I would love to submit something.

TmsT responds:

Making something for this would be a good learning experience. Let the soundtrack 'carry' the animation if you need to. :)


2012-08-07 09:46:02

Ask the one that makes those pony parodies every day to join!


2012-08-07 10:49:18

get to enter.
I would enter, but, Flash cs5 and all.

(Updated ) TmsT responds:

Great idea. I've PM'd him.


2012-08-07 16:23:48

If anyone wants a voice actor for this, I'm in


2012-08-07 18:46:08

I'll do it..


2012-08-07 19:35:15



2012-08-08 08:12:03

The first one was fucking hilarious,and I am SERIOUSLY impatient for the second one.
Also,what the hell happened to that 'Mindy'series ? XD


2013-02-18 07:56:54

Oi... you said StrifeToons episode 4 would come out after DNF was released, what's the deal bub?!?