Will my new music video also be yours?

2014-07-17 02:43:28 by TmsT

What song should TmsT's next music video use? One of yours!

It's about time I made another music video and I want to be inspired to make it really awesome! Preferably by music that you or a friend of yours has made. (That makes it easier to get permission to use it!) So please post/suggest your tunes, and if you have musician friends, let them know about this too. There's tons of great music talent here on Newgrounds - but I'm open to suggestions from anywhere.

Some of you already have contacted me about making music videos for your band, but I probably said something about being busy; well it turns out I'm never not busy, so now's as good a time as any to start actually planning something.

The last two music videos that I animated were for indie musicians and both videos won awards IRL; maybe the next one will make it three for three? ^_~

Suggest music in the comments below, or PM me, or send me an email: frencheroticfilm@gmail.com


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2014-07-17 03:32:30

Uh..... I would like a song of mine to be picked, but I fear that suggesting such a thing might be overly pretentious.

But if you would still like to search through my work, then I have a few suggestions for you--

1) Land of the Free (or its French counterpart, Terre des Hommes Libres)
2) Sleep Wrapped in Love

Well, I guess that's it. Hope these are to your liking.

TmsT responds:

I like the "Enya"-ish sound there. Your other stuff has a great style to it too - thanks for the suggestions!


2014-07-18 02:03:04

I love you.

TmsT responds:

Aww <3


2014-07-18 10:18:46

Man I should be bubbling with suggestions for this but it's such a huge deal to have you make a full video from something, I really gotta think about what could work best... Wondering if something from the rap battles would be interesting?

TmsT responds:

There's no limit to how many things you can suggest. I want to make sure I find a good one, so I'll listen to everything that comes my way!
I've been considering avoiding the copyrighted pop culture references minefield, just so that there's more freedom as to where the video can be screened. But on the other hand, "fair use" in parody can go a long way when it's needed.
But that's a secondary concern. Great music with potential for a good visual story = #1.


2014-07-20 09:21:15

Would you be interested in something that doesn't have lyrics, if it's a song that makes a good soundtrack to the visual story?

TmsT responds:

Sure, I wouldn't rule that out, but I'm probably more likely to be inspired by something with lyrics.


2014-11-08 00:35:52

You got the creator's interest dude, congrats to you