Spy & Pyro 2 (Working Title)

2015-01-09 02:40:00 by TmsT

Happy 2015, folks! What am I up to these days?


I'm currently in the midst of quickly cranking out a spiritual successor to one of my more popular animations, "Spy & Pyro". Occasionally I post spoiler-free art previews on a Spy & Pyro blog.

There's a short trailer/teaser video for it on the Patreon campaign page for this upcoming video. Watch out for the full, finished product on Valentine's Day, all going to plan! Support the campaign and you'll get your name in the credits for all the world to see. (But that's not all that's there to sweeten the deal...)

After this is done, I'm off to join an animation studio instead of freelancing, so this could be the last TmsT animation for an even longer time than usual. Let's make it a good'un!

- TmsT (Preferred class: Pyro)


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2015-01-09 03:39:37

so cool


2015-01-09 09:36:17

Man, I love Spy & Pyro. So excited for this.


2015-01-09 18:12:38

Spy and Pyro was absolute genius, can't wait to see what comes of this! :)


2015-01-09 18:40:55

Oh good, I loved the first one.
Artwork looks solid so far, will it be a continuation or just another eventful short story?

(Updated ) TmsT responds:

The latter. The reset button has been hit, and now it's a whole new adventure but in the spirit of S&P.
The backgrounds should be less pixelated this time! ;)


2015-02-11 22:16:39

Can't beleive it has been 5 years already.


2017-03-26 20:18:00

Hello, this is going to be a random comment...

"Still Life Eternal" will Always be my Absolute Favorite flash video ever.
You are loved good sir, MmmMm... ^_^