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2009-06-26 15:33:51 by TmsT

Voice actor to vocally impersonate Barack Obama wanted for a Flash animation by me!

- Auditions close after this weekend! If chosen, you'll be recording your lines on or by Monday, June 29, and possibly doing re-takes on the following couple of days.

- If I get money for this animation, you'll get money for your voice acting. :D Ka-CHING!

- The tone of the animation is comedy. Therefore, emotional, funny, and above all CONFIDENT voice acting is more important than being completely identical to Obama's voice.

- Reasonable audio quality is preferred. (Use a decent mic!)

- Digitally altering your voice is fine, as long as it's an improvement.

- Send a sample of your Obama impersonation (WAV or MP3 format please) to frencheroticfilm @ gmail dot com

- Record any dialogue/monologue you like, as this is just an audition. Improvise!

- Sorry, I can't tell you any of the actual lines unless you are chosen to be the voice actor. No spoilers! :)

- Check back here for updates just in case I choose somebody before you've finished recording.

- Pic related.

(My apologies for using the Newgrounds News Post system as a "wanted ads" bulletin board. But it's for my next animation! :D Stay tuned for more animations from me later this year...)

tl;dr = Record yourself talking like Obama RIGHT NOW and send it to frencheroticfilm @ gmail . com.
You'll do more recordings on Mon & Tues if I like what I hear.


Goodnight, sweet prince (3DRealms)

2009-05-07 21:00:17 by TmsT

3D Realms, a computer games company that grew out of Apogee, has folded. It is no more. Even the website has gone. So let us remember the good times by watching an old video that I made some time ago, when there was still hope that the game Duke Nukem Forever would be finished, released, and awesome.

Duke Nukem: Forever

My flippant remarks at the end of the video now ring with tragic irony.

I may also post some StrifeToons here shortly... Stay tuned.
Also I'm releasing something new this weekend. Keep an eye out for that. ;)

Goodnight, sweet prince (3DRealms)

TmsT is back - with a brand new series!

2008-08-05 09:03:36 by TmsT

Hey all, I've been away from Newgrounds for a while, but at last I'm proud to return to the Portal with a new series: "Mindy Learns a Moral" !

Join stereotypical everyteen "Mindy" as she encounters adolescent dramabombs on a scale that only teenagers could possibly relate to. In this episode, she learns that cellphones have feelings too, and gains a valuable moral from her epic experience of love, loss, abandonment, revenge, Shakespearian tragedy, and forgiveness...... sorta.

Episode two has been written and the voice actors are all excited to crack into it, so hopefully it'll be out sometime next month! It'll show how Mindy deals with excessive amounts of peer pressure at school - and at home... and, of course, she learns an important moral. Also featuring Cody and Mandy (and others) and more original music by The CamPanulas!

Anyway, enough from me, go check out the first episode: "Me, My Cellphone and I"


TmsT is back - with a brand new series!

Happy Birthday, Animutation!

2008-02-28 18:48:10 by TmsT

If you're an old school animutation fan, come on down to the portal and join in with the celebrations. Has it really been 7 years since Neil Cicierega released "Hyakugojyuuichi!!"? Yes... approximately.

But is animutation still alive and well? Or is it now too "old hat" to be "old school"? Animutations are still being made, and they are evolving and adapting to the ever-changing tastes of their internet audience (see "ScientLOLojyuuichi!!"). Poor animation quality is not a standard, intentional feature of animutation, although it was a trend for a while. Animutation can be whatever its animator wants.

What do you think, in your humble opinion?

(Edit: 7 years, not 6)

Happy Birthday, Animutation!

Up Skit Creek 3

2007-08-24 10:10:17 by TmsT

The third installment of the Up Skit Creek series is coming out next week! Eeeee!
* Mulletboy
* Puns
* Celebrities
* Cap'n Keelhaul
* Serious Business
* Emos


All get the ... "skit" ... taken out of them. ;)